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RandomRange is a short test of your FPS skills in a procedurally generated test course. This game was made in 4 days for the 7dfps 2018 and procjam 2018. This is also the first time I am ever making an FPS! The level layouts are procedurally generated and then filled with content which has been pre-made; targets are added later. 

The level generation is pretty straightforward as it basically walks a random path on a grid to reach different rooms and then backtracks if there is no way for it go. I rewrote the code from one of my earlier prototypes, you can read more about that on my blog - https://yadurajiv.com/2017/05/28/spelldown-devlog-3-weekly-roundup/

I had a lot of fun staying up trying to finish this on time. Even if it isn't extremly great, I'm pretty happy with what I have done in less than four days :) and yay!! Two jams one shot! lol :3 Thank you for checking the game out! <3


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Oct 28, 2018

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