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A 1-versus-1 dogfighting game about love, loss and conflict made for the GMTK jam.

Gone to Pieces is made for two players, who control two planes using a single, shared controller. Players use only one hand, holding their side of the controller in the way one usually would

Their ships have a limited amount of charge, which is spread across the  bullets their ship carries


  • The analogue stick on the player's side controls their plane's movement
  • The analog triggers (LT & RT) are used to shoot (A full press of the trigger)
    • Players have a limited number of bullets they can shoot
    • There is a maximum limit to the number of bullets that can be carried
    • When a bullet is fired, it takes all the charge it contains with it
  • The bumpers (LB & RB) detonate all of the player's bullets that are currently in flight, causing them to explode in an area, the size of which depends on how much charge the bullet had when fired
  • The analog triggers (LT & RT) also slow down time (a partial-press of the trigger)
    • Slowing down time can be used both to steady one's aim, and also to evade incoming fire
    • Each player's charge depletes when they are slowing down time, depleting one bullet completely before starting to deplete the next bullet's charge.
    • Bullets that have no charge can still be fired

The player's ship is destroyed after either taking a 4th hit, or crashing into the ground

There are periodic drops of bullets that recharge one's batteries and charge. Be careful though - they explode if hit.


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